WTCC: The Ultimate Guide to Your Favourite Driver

If you are new to the World Touring Car Championship, or WTCC for short, and you don’t know who to support, let this article be of service. It’s quite simple, really, you’ll see.

There is almost no wrong answer as to who to support. Let’s look at the championship in 2021 why.

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What you can see here is quite simple. No matter who you support, as long as they aren’t called Bäckman, they can be race winners (This was a joke, please don’t sue me). But in all honesty and reality, pretty much everyone can win, the field is that even.

Now, let’s look at the 2022 grid.

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17 racers are signed up. 13 of which raced in 2021. 9 of those were race winners in 2021. Some might call this grid bonkers. That is to say, this season will be very interesting. But let’s get back to who to support.

National Pride as Decider

Any Driver from your country? Great, you got your candidate. That was simple right? Not necessarily. There are 12 nationalities in WTCC for 195 countries, so chances are that answer will not satisfy you.

Are you German or Italian? Well then there’s a team from your country at least. Go support them. Or not, just because they are from your country. It’s your choice.

One last chance to let National pride be the decider: Are you from Japan or South Korea? Go support your local manufacturer and cheer for Honda or Hyundai.

Now of course, if your country is not included in the above options, or you simply do not feel like supporting some based on their nationality, let’s try another thing.

Choose by WTCC Manufacturers you like

Have you, in all your life, only driven Audi? Or perhaps you like the incredible body on the Hyundai? Or maybe the modern style of car renting associated with Lynk & Co is totally your groove?

There has got to be something for everyone in there. 5 marques, all from different countries. All visually easy to tell apart. There has got to be something you like. And if you are a Volvo fan, just remember that Lynk & Co is basically a rebadge of Volvo, as both belong to Geely.

If all fails, just look at the drivers

Quite simple. Google the drivers. Look at their faces. Maybe listen to an interview. Whoever seems to tickle your fancy might be your new favourite driver. Personally, I used the same in MotoGP when I first became interested in following that. I really liked the direct and honest way of Cal Crutchlow. So I bought a Mug with a #35 on it. You can do the same.

Or if that also just fails, just watch the races. You are bound to find something you like about someone, and soon you too can have a favourite driver!

Who is your favourite driver? Let us know in the comments down below!

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