How to Watch the WTCR Race of France

WTCR, the FIA World Touring Car Cup starts its 2022 season on French Circuit de Pau-Ville. This might only be the 1st time the current WTCC visits the circuit, but the historic street-circuit is still bound to produce loads of action-packed racing. And as a bonus for those who might be interested, FIA also offer their electric touring car sport, the ETCR on this track.

But if you aren’t there live, where and how can you watch it?

Watching WTCR for Free

Unfortunately there is no legal way to watch WTCR for free.

The official broadcaster for WTCR and ETCR is Eurosport. If you have access to Eurosport 2, you can watch the action live. This is true for:

  • Eurosport 2 Germany
  • Eurosport 2 UK
  • Eurosport 2 France
  • Eurosport 2 Spain
  • Eurosport 2 Netherlands

These I have checked, it should be the same for every Eurosport 2 station worldwide.

If it’s not true in your country or you don’t have access to the station, there is another option:

Pay for the WTCR Action

You can buy a monthly pass to watch all Eurosport programmes here.

This pass includes live coverages as well as on-demand videos. Meaning if you missed a race of the season, you can just watch it later, along with other sessions of the weekend.

The monthly pass costs €6.99, it is up to you to decide whether that is worth it.

Any free Streaming services?

There are no official and legal streaming services I am aware of.

But Eurosport 1, which is free shows the race repeats in the evening.

So since Eurosport is so readily available and even though many people might not use them anymore, TVs are still around. Check your living room, there might be one standing there! After all seeing the action on the big screen instead of a mobile screen enhances the feeling undoubtedly.

Why you should watch WTCR.

This years calendar is great and the 17 full-time competitors basically all have a chance of winning!

No matter who you support, you can have fun watching the Lynk & Co’s, the Audi’s, the Hyundai’s. And don’t forget about the Honda’s and of course the Cupra’s.

High quality door-to-door racing is what we can expect. So don’t miss your chance to immediately watch the first race of the season this weekend!

Got anything to add? Write a comment and let me know, or visit us on our discord and discuss the WTCR!

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