All You Need to Know About Vålerbanen

Ever been to Norway? Beautiful country. The fjords, the mountains, the oil! How I long to go there one day. One reason to visit this coastal country are the racetracks. Vålerbanen being the most prominent for me. Now even though this motorsport complex currently does not play host to any racing series worth mentioning, visiting is not useless. Far from it. Let’s dive into the Vålerbanen motorsport venue in Norway.

The Location

Vålerbanen is located next to the town of Våler in the Norwegian countryside. It’s about 32km in linear distance to the Swedish border. Coming from Oslo it’s about a 2 hour drive through forests and towns and a rather scenic bit next to the lake Mjøsa.

The venue of Vålerbanen includes several layouts of a permanent racing circuit, as well as a go-kart track, an off-road track through the forests and a driving centre for the local youth. Event hosting is also possible.

The History

The venue opened its gates in 1993 with an even shorter layout, 1.4km total. In 1997 this was elongated to todays layout.

Between 2007 and 2009 Vålerbanen hosted a round of the Swedish Touring Car Championship (STCC). It was during this time that a Swedish game development studio called SimBin published their game for the STCC. Consequently Vålerbanen received its first digital release.

Nowadays, racing no longer takes place for official championships, though Vålerbanen continues to host racing schools, driving experiences and track-days. They have upgraded to include a several Toyota GT86. Furthermore have they built a hotel, restaurant and a convention centre. on the grounds.

Most recently, Vålerbanen received a bit of international publicity through being featured in the racing simulator RaceRoom Racing Experience. The DLC track was released in June of 2021 and can be bought for €2.98.

Vålerbanen: The Track

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Vålerbanen is a rather short track, talking about the so-called full circuit. Only 2.35km in length, it features many flowing corners, making this circuit rather fast. It is not the widest track either. Though no official width values have been posted online, Google Earth suggests width ranging from 8m to 13m on the start-finish straight.

8 or even 10 metres in width does not allow for the best of racing, however just driving alone around the track can be a blast.

A Lap Around Vålerbanen

Starting off on the merely 320m long start-finish straight, you are going to take loads of bravery into the first couple corners. This chicane is a right-left requiring much speed to be carried over the kerbs. Don’t overdo it though, or you are going to land in the gravel trap to the right.

After then a flowing left-right combo with can be taken flat out in pretty much anything, you arrive at the 2nd straight of 250m. Brake late and try to carry as much speed as possible through the following right hander, taking the inside apex and letting yourself get carried out onto the outside kerb.

At the end of the outside kerb you start turning for the next right hander which leads onto the longest straight on the circuit. Almost 500m do not give you much time however to take a breather, as you will need to find your braking marker into the next left-right bit. Take it fast, take it brave.

Accelerating out of the right hander, get ready for a dab on the brakes. For the next right-hand corner leads through a rather cambered corner. One that can be taken not quite flat out. We are now approaching the last corner. This is as start-stop as you are gonna go. Heavy braking, late apex, take as much speed onto the start finish straight as possible.

And you have completed a lap on Vålerbanen.

How to Experience Vålerbanen for Yourself

As eluded to in the beginning, you of course have the option to visit yourself and either rent a car there or bring your own on a track-day. If that is not feasible for you, there is a digital way too.

Using RaceRoom Racing Experience, you can indulge in driving around Vålerbanen too. It may not be laser-scanned but it feels really good to drive.

The Vålerbanen DLC can be bought as a standalone circuit for €2.98 or included in the premium pack, which includes all tracks and circuits currently released for RaceRoom.

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If you want more information about the circuit and how to access its offer, visit their website here.

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