Evbuobanosa: The Home of Motorsports in Nigeria

2017 was indeed a remarkable year for all automobile-race enthusiasts in Nigeria. It saw the launch of the Motorsport Raceway, Evbuobanosa (MRE) – Nigeria’s first-ever car race track. Immeasurable joy filled the hearts of motorsports lovers across the country, knowing they now have a place they can call theirs. A place to gather, cheer and merry while revelling in the thrilling actions of drifting race cars and superfast stunt bikes.

Nigeria’s First

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Nigeria’s pioneering motorsport racing facility comfortably sits on about 130 acres of land in a peaceful town called Evbuobanosa, located along Benin – Asaba highway, 20 minutes’ drive from Benin city in Edo state. Edo state is also known as “the heartbeat of the nation.” It is widely recognized for its deep root in culture and rich historical heritage. Nevertheless, the presence of the Motorsport raceway makes the state much more significant to both local and foreign tourists.

The race track’s location is excellent because of its serenity. Still, more importantly, it is easily accessible from other parts of the country. Making it painless for motorsport fanatics in different cities like Benin, Lagos, Portharcourt, Warri, and so on to drive down and enjoy a weekend of thrill, speed, and action.

The Evbuobanosa Venue

MotorSport Raceway, Evbuobanosa (MRE) is, without doubt, a complete package. The MRE boasts of a nicely shaped race circuit design surrounded by a large expanse of green vegetation, a full-service tire Center, a fuel Station with self-service pumps, a state-of-the-art clubhouse with an observation deck, a restaurant with available catering, a camping ground, a beautiful swimming pool, day garages and gift shop dedicated to fulfilling the needs of all customers utilizing the facility.

The race track itself is about 2.3 KM long, with a total of 11 bends which can be run either in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction. The MRE is deemed a multi-purpose motorsport arena as car racing isn’t the only event hosted at this obscure venue. Other events include Superbike racing, Stunt bike show, Speed Cycling, Roller skating, Bike drag race, sundry racing competitions, health and fitness run, and occasional beauty pageantry events.

Motorsports at Evbuobanosa

Since its launch, Motorsport Raceway, Evbuobanosa (MRE) has played host to popular racing events and competitions such as:

  • The Road X showcase race
  • The Bikers Trophy (BT)
  • E30 Racetrack Challenge
  • 9ja Bike Racing Championship
  • Motorsport music and festival

Under these remarkable events, fearless Nigerian men and women, who are masters at living on the edge, have come out in their masses to showcase their skills and entertain their fans. Victories have been recorded, losses have been counted, and champions have been crowned on the Evbuobanosa Motorsport Raceway.

Despite the bulk of talented sportsmen in Nigeria, it is unfortunate that the government’s investment in the sports industry is minimal. MotorSport Raceway, Evbuobanosa (MRE) is a private initiative aimed at creating a home for motorsports enthusiasts to develop their skills, have fun, and make money while at it.

Whether you are a biker looking for a worthy competitor or someone who simply fancies motorsports events, and you are in Nigeria, the MotorSport Raceway, Evbuobanosa (MRE) is definitely a place to visit.

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