Circuito Andorra – Racing in the Mountain Principality

Did you know Andorra has a race track? Yes, the small mountain principality between France and Spain enjoys it’s own circuit, Circuito Andorra! And that’s not all, with the circuit, Andorra’s motorsport offerings go above and beyond some way larger countries on the globe.

Why does Circuito Andorra Exist?

Such a small country however, why does it need its own race track?

Because they can. Andorra counts as a tax oasis within Europe. Some MotoGP riders moved there because of the favourable tax situation. And racers living in a country meaning you need a race track. Now there is only one problem:

Andorra is small. And most of it is mountainous. So where could you even build something? Race tracks are usually massive establishments in terms of area. Well, this circuit is rather on the small side.

Built in 1999, Circuito Andorra is only 945 metres long. It has another record to boast however: With a height of 2400 metres above sea level, this track boasts to be the highest permanent racing circuit.

A Lap Around Circuito Andorra

Circuito Andorra

Starting on the 350 metre long Start-Finish straight you have only a short time to think before entering a low left hand turn that reaches a total of 270°, tightening in the last 90°. A right hand kink leads you into a right hand hairpin which you have to take with a late apex. Right afterwards, a left hand hairpin awaits.

Taking a late apex again out of the hairpin, you are led onto a long winded right hand turn which leads into a roundabout-like hairpin. Exiting this 2nd to last corner you are greeted by a slight right hand kink, which completes your lap around this counter-clockwise circuit.

Experiences at the Circuit

The experiences offered on the circuits website are vast, not only do they offer driving or riding around the circuit normally, some great offerings lie in the tracks winter activities.

Since Circuito Andorra is situated at the foot of a ski resort, they also see their fair share of winterly conditions there. Between December and February it is possible to do racing on a ice-covered track. In March and April snow driving is also still happening.

Apart from the main course, a side dirt course is also available for flat track experiences.

How to Experience Circuito Andorra for Yourself

Circuito Andorra is located within the area of Pas de la Casa in Andorra.

Travelling there your best bet would be to fly to Andorra airport, which is actually located in Catalunya and from there take a 1 hour drive to the circuit. The drive leads you through some stunning mountain regions.

If you wanna check out the offerings at Circuito Andorra in more details, check out their website here.

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