The Reality Initiative – Real Race Tracks for Sim Racing

Have you ever been interested in the history of motorsports? Specifically historical racing circuits? Welcome to one rabbit hole I have been in for months. However one thing I have asked myself is: How come every racing sim, every racing game just feature the more well known tracks?

That’s why I’m pleading for this: The Reality Initiative.

What is the Reality Initiative?

In my opinion, every race track deserves digital representation. Every motorsports venue is unique, in weather, surroundings or just the layout. Each circuit’s design shines alone amongst a sky full of stars.

Okay that might’ve been a bit too much on the creative front. You catch my drift.

Each and every race track that exists or has ever existed should be digitally recreated!

This is not only in order to further advance the reaches of sim racing. It would also be historical documentation. Being able to drive around the Opel Rennbahn for example is quite the experience.

And there are so many different tracks that have been lost to time. My, my what an odyssey the discovering of Greenville Textile Speedway felt. And the countries more famous for motorsports aren’t the only ones affected by lost racing history.

Africa, Continent of . . . Motorsports?

Now we all know Kyalami. Some motorcycle fans might also be familiar with Phakisa Freeway. Then there’s . . . Dakar? Used to be at least in Africa?

Exactly. That is what people know. Have you ever heard of the Autódromo de Benguela? Tony Rust Race Track? Lawrence Allen Circuit?

If you have, hats off to you. But to the vast majority of you, I don’t blame you. These tracks have not seen the publicity they duly require. The Benguelan Circuit has been redeveloped into housing at this point. And all that remain of it are the remnants you can see on Google Maps. And an unfinished mod for Assetto Corsa. Now that mod just needs a bit more work done and it can be used. Not only that, but the 3d-work has been done, so the track could be converted to rFactor 2 or in the future maybe even Rennsport or Assetto Corsa 2.

And that is what I want for every race track. Being able to live on digitally. That is what the Reality Initiative is about.

Now I know it is much work to create a digital circuit. Personally I have started modelling many different tracks, but struggle to finish the projects.

What the Reality Initiative is Asking for.

So how can you help? If you are interested in 3d design and motorsport, download blender, make a donut, then start making a race track nobody has done before. It is relatively simple.

And always share your work online. Once you get the track to a playable state (preferably with basic textures too), start sharing it on a modding site like RaceDepartment. Or live-stream it. Get people interested in preserving a bit of motorsport history.

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