A Guide to RaceRoom DLC

RaceRoom Racing Experience is Free-to-Play. But since giving stuff away is not a sustainable business model, they offer DLC. And boy does the fun come with more content. Nonetheless the amount of extra substance can seem overbearing. And how can you get the most bang for you buck? Let’s look at RaceRoom DLC together, right now.

RaceRoom DLC Sale

First off, there typically are sales. Summer sales to be precise. Usually those start in mid-July. And during those you can buy all content off. Typically that would be 50% off of single pieces of content and 25% off of packs. We’ll get into what that means later. So if you want to save the most money possible, the first step is to wait for the next July sale.

Usually, there are no other sales around the year. So if you just missed the sale, you have 2 options:

  1. Wait for a year for the next sale
  2. Buy the content anyways in the cheapest way possible

Now if there is no sale, the cheapest way to get content is. . .

Buy Packs, not Single Cars and Tracks

Basically, there are packs for RaceRoom DLC. Those range from regional tracks to packs featuring selected content. You can find all available packs here. A personal recommendation to get if you don’t want to get everything already is the starter pack. This gives a good selection of different vehicles and 5 extra tracks.

However, the cheapest way to get all content would be to just get the premium pack off the bat. That’s all content currently in the game.

One extra thing though. If you buy the DLC on steam, you pay more than you need to. The premium pack on steam is 100€. However, here is the way to get all the content for 65€ or even less:


vRP is short for virtual racing points. It’s basically the in-game currency of RaceRoom. And the best way to buy content is by getting these points. You can buy codes for vRP here.

And as you might have figured out if you looked at the prices:

  • The premium pack costs 9999 vRP
  • 10000 vRP cost 65€

There you go! You have saved 35€! And if we come back to the summer sale, you only need to get the 7500 vRP pack for 50€.

All content for 50€, according to my ruleset for software, if you play RaceRoom for 50 hours everything was already worth it. And seeing that RaceRoom is a simulator, that time is simple to achieve.

The Point

Buy vRP, buy packs. Maybe wait for summer sale. Easy. But you need to know that first. Now you know. And you can help others by telling them too!

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