20 Cars that Could Be GT3s But Aren’t

GT3’s surgence is in full swing. GT3 racing is everywhere and anywhere, whether you like it or not. 9 of the greatest vehicle manufacturers compete on the international stage with their grand tourers or sports cars. Wait, only 9? Why not more? There are so many car manufacturers around the globe. Who are they to not indulge in the hype that is GT3 racing? And why are they not participating? Let’s take a look, shall we?

The Reason why only so few are GT3 racing

First off, the reason to not participate:

Racing is an expensive marketing tool.

That is the purpose for companies. It’s a marketing tool. Companies don’t spend millions of dollars without expecting a return. Only very rich individuals with passion do that. Or people with passion and access to the funds of a multi-million or billion dollar company. This is the reason why these 9 manufacturers currently compete.

Someone in charge has passion for motorsports.

A company devoid of any motorsport fetishism in high enough ranks doesn’t do that. It’s a too expensive and risky a marketing tool to “just do”. That is the manufacturer point of view.

But there are private teams! – I hear you cry.

If you had the following 2 options:

  1. Pay 300k for a race-ready car that can be competitive.
  2. Spend 100k for a car. Also SEVERAL 100k (total I guess at least 600k) if not more in development cost. ALSO it is NOT guaranteed that the car can be competitive. And not only you know that, but sponsors too, so you’re going to have a tougher time finding sponsors to fund this endeavour.

What would you do? Exactly, 1. Not everyone is a multi millionaire/billionaire who can just finance their vehicles out of their own pocket.

Now that that’s out of the way, without further ado: the cars that COULD be in GT3.

Cars that could be GT3 Racing

This list may not be complete and is purely listed by alphabetical order.

Alfa Romeo Giulia

Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA could go GT3 Racing
Image courtesy of alfaromeo.at

Just to get the Italian manufacturer into this list. Here’s the deal:

I know the Giulia is a limousine and not available as coupé. But. Alfa, please. You haven’t had a coupé in a decade. And no sports car since the 4C ceased production in 2020. Please, the sporting history of Alfa is grand. Come back to the light, I beg of you.

AC 378 GT Zagato

Image courtesy of wikipedia.org

This is a beauty. Badged as British AC Cars, designed by Italian design company Zagato and supposed to be assembled at South African Hi-Tech Automotive, this international project unfortunately seems to never have hit serial production. The prototype looks like a car that could fit perfectly onto the GT3 grid however.

A muscle car rear and a Berlinetta front invoke the feeling of seeing a Corvette cross-bred with a late 50s Ferrari. Just slap some high-downforce components on there and you got yourself a new GT3.

Sad that this project didn’t seem to go anywhere.


Image courtesy of wikipedia.org

Don’t act like that. You know the Z4 and you want it in GT3 again. It used to be in in case you don’t remember. Just a few years back on an older facelift. There’s only one problem. Seeing that the BMW M4 currently is the German marques posterchild GT3, it seems unlikely for the Z4 to become the race machine is used to be.

Here’s to hoping anyways.

Bolwell Mk X Nagari

Image courtesy of whichcar.com.au

This Australian sports car looks a bit off doesn’t it? It doesn’t look totally modern. That is because this 2008 vehicle was based on a 70s Bolwell Nagari. But this design is beautiful. Give it a GT3 body kit and put it a few centimetres lower and this would fit right into the GT3 crowd.

The only problem with this plan is, the Nagari is from 2008. But it is still being sold. So if some entrepreneurial tuner wants to give it a go, I won’t stop, I will support you with whatever I can.

Dodge Challenger 3

Image courtesy of dodge.com

Ford is in GT racing, so why can’t Dodge be too? And I think the Challenger 3 would be a nice start to gauge out the competition for a factory-backed racing programme.

Hell I just want to see more muscle cars in GT3.

Dodge Charger

Image courtesy of dodge.com

Same deal as with the Challenger 3.

More muscle cars in GT3, please.

DAX Coupé

Image courtesy of totalkitcar.com

You may recognise this face. You may not recognise the name however. This British kit-car is based on the LeMans-winning Ford GT40. Yes, it is based on vehicle design from the 1960s.

So could this compete in GT3 at all seeing as its aerodynamics are probably . . . not up to the times? Why not try it out eh? Give it a wide body GT3 kit and . . . just let loose I guess. It would be a very interesting experiment to say the least.

Exagon Furtive-eGT

Image courtesy of motorauthority.com

Now I know what you’re gonna be saying: “This is an electrical car, no way it’s ever gonna find it’s way into GT3!”. I answer: “True”.

But that’s not the end of the story. Take the chassis, and put like a V8 rear-mid engine in it. Wait. That’s all the wrong ways. Usually people try to convert combustion engined vehicles into electricals. Well, we could be pioneering then! Take an electrical car and put an ICE in! Let’s go.

No but in all seriousness, this car looks like it belongs into GT racing. So please, let it. Anyway you can.

Equus Throwback

Image courtesy of equus-automotive.com

This is . . . a Corvette. It looks like one. It feels like one. And it could be racing like one.

Seeing that Corvette’s were racing in GT3 (check out the German ADAC GT Masters until 2021), I can’t see why this beautiful retro-esque design cannot try the same thing. Please, make it happen.

Ford Mustang

Image courtesy of ford.at

It’s already racing in GT4. And better news yet.

It will race in GT3 coming 2024.

Ford GT

Image courtesy of auto-motor-und-sport.de

This . . . is an evolution. Remember the original GT40? This is what it has become. And it looks like it can rival Lamborghini any day on the track. So why doesn’t it?

Because Ford chose to run the most recent GT in the GTLM. The North American endurance championship. But at least we’ll get the Mustang. And maybe in the future, The GT will make a return.

Infiniti Q-60

Image courtesy of caranddriver.com

Infiniti is a bit of an oddball here. The luxury brand of Nissan is not necessarily racing focussed. That’s what Nissan has NISMO for (more on that later). But just look at it!

This coupé would fit right in with the other front-engined GT3’s that are currently competing. I would like to see more front-action.

Jaguar F-Type

GT3 racing
Image courtesy of motorbiscuit.com

Ahh, Jaguar. You were in GT3, why’d you stop? The Jaaaaaaag. The racing Jaaaaaaag.

Does all your history in racing not matter? Now, on the (for now) height of popularity of GT3 racing, you could make a triumphant return! You have the vehicle that could fit the bill. So take it to Monza and reclaim your throne!

Karma Revero GT

GT3 racing
Image courtesy of motor1.com

Another electrical vehicle featured in this list. Don’t scream at me please. This one might require a bit more work though. Especially seeing as it would need to be a 3-door coupé. But other than that I would love to see a bit of Henrik Fisker action in GT3.

Come one Henrik, I know you want to. (Please, actually do.)


GT3 racing
Image courtesy of carbuzz.com

Now why did the Austrian marque decide to enter the bizarre GTX class will forever go beyond me. Maybe it was easier to get the X-Bow chassis homologated? I’ve got no Idea. I just know that I want to see this car compete in a class where more than 2 other manufacturers appear.


GT3 racing
Image courtesy of auto-motor-und-sport.de

Now there’s 2 kinds of people who will be screaming at their monitors right now. And I am sorry for that, let me explain.

Nissan are currently competing with their GT-R platform in a GT3 class. That is to say the GT300 class in Japanese Super GT series.

So all I’m asking is, why not internationally too? You used to. You have the vehicle with probably not too much work left to fit SRO regulations. So please, come back. I miss you.

SCG 003

Scuderia Glickenhaus 003 GT3 racing
Image courtesy of wikipedia.org

Scuderia Glickenhaus. They have a reputation. And they have tried this car on the Nordschleife for GT3 racing regulations even. So why not go the final step?

I always wanted to have a spaceship competing amongst the GT coupés. It would look so out of place it would be funny. And something to maybe even cheer for.

Spania GTA

GT3 racing
Image courtesy of hotcars.com

This spanish marque is not too known on the international stage. All the more reason to take the risk and put the car on the race track. An increase in international brand awareness will result in more people wanting to buy this.

And who wouldn’t want this beauty. If it fit in my budget, I’d get one right away. But alas, here’s to looking at on the interwebs.


TECHART GTsport GT3 racing
Image courtesy of techart.de

Let’s get the obvious out of the way. This is a Porsche. I know that. It’s a tuned Porsche.

But remember the time when the German marque had an exclusivity deal in games so everyone else used RUF? Well, why so RUF and TECHART not just also compete. Imagine the headlines: “Local tuners beat billion-dollar company in racing”.

I want to read that headline. One day. Please, tuners and rebadgers of the world. Let’s go.

Tesla Roadster

Image courtesy of tesla.com

And we are at the end. The Tesla Roadster. Another electrical vehicle. And yes, I still want that to be transformed into a combustion-engined vehicle. But I’m afraid Papa Elon will not agree to that.

How’d you like this list? Any cars we missed? Let us know in the comments below, on twitter or on Facebook.

And longing for more obscurity? We got a series on obscure race tracks too, you can read all we have published so far here.

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