Kazakhere, INdia, Aragone | MotoGP 2023 Calendar Overview

2 new tracks on the calendar. That’s great! Unfortunately, though, 1 track had to go. Clearly the only possible choice would have been one of the 4 (!) Spanish tracks that had been on the MotoGP calendar in recent years. And so it was decided to leave Aragon at the side of the rode in favour of Jerez, Barcelona and Valencia. While this decision is clearly debatable, it is now too late to do anything about that. But let’s enjoy the 2 new tracks rather than riding on the omission of Aragon.

A Completely New Track For Kazakhstan

Sokol International Racetrack, the newest brainchild of German track architect Hermann Tilke, will feature the world class of motorcycle racing for 5 years starting in 2023. Since 2014, this circuit has been under construction.

The layout of this new track seems somewhat exciting. Clockwise direction, 3 long straights, and some rather quick and high-radius corners.

Sporting 12 or 13 corners, depending on your definition of separate corners, it seems like a rather simple layout. With 4.495 km of track length, the straights look to be massive, however. Unsurprisingly, the layout option with a chicane seems favourable for car racing. I imagine touring cars to go well around this track.

Back to the exceptionally long back-straight, however, that thing seems like a n exact replacement of Aragon’s back straight leading up to the last corner of the motorcycle layout. Well done Hermann, you have once again copied a previous track of yours. Here though, it surprisingly fits. Having such a high speed section seems kind of off nowadays, but let’s hope safety is still very much written with a capital s.

What I cannot wait for is to see this track in some sort of racing sim. It seems like a very fun layout to throw just about any car around. Unfortunately, though, as with the KymiRing, modding this track into any Sim might be out of the cards.

A Former F1 Track For India

Buddh International Circuit, once again designed by architect Hermann Tilke, will be joining the MotoGP roster for the 2023 season. The track, opened in late 2011, hosted F1 thrice, from 2011 until 2013.

This looks like a typical Hermann Tilke track. We will have to see how well the MotoGP will adapt to this.

With 14 corners over 4.97 km, this circuit offers a variety of different corners, all of which seem sort of like one has seen them before.

The turn 1-2-3 complex seems weird, how would motorcycles take that? Would that be an interesting couple of corners?

And please don’t ask me why it looks like there is a roundabout at turns 8-9-10.

The biggest worry I have with this circuit, however, is how I cannot imagine any real flow happening. All straights get cut off by a sharp corner, theoretically allowing for many overtaking manoeuvres but not really allowing a rider to flow through corners.

Let me take the opportunity to compare Buddh to a classic track, Donington Park. Just look at turn 1 all the way until Starkey’s Straight (after Turn 8, Coppice). That whole section just flows so nicely and allows the driver or rider to get in the flow, get into the mindset of just driving. Hot lapping is ideal in these mental conditions. And the fears are that Buddh cannot replicate that.

To be fair, the start-stop layout of Buddh may facilitate better racing action. It remains to be seen how well motorcycles actually fit on the Indian circuit.

All I know is that I look forward to another highly exciting season of MotoGP, especially with GasGas now being included and RNF Aprilia being a thing.

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