If Jack Miller Comes to KTM I’ll Buy All His Merch

The MotoGP Silly SeasonTM is in full swings. And of course, with it, the rumour mill is spinning like crazy. Here comes one of the most likely candidates for transfer. Jackie-Boy Miller. Furthermore, my favourite manufacturer would be on the receiving end. KTM. Why this would be a dream come true for me I’ll tell you right now.

Jack Crutchlow

My favourite rider from when I started to watch MotoGP was Cal Crutchlow. I still remember being at the motorcycle grand prix of the Czech Republic in Brno in 2013. Sitting in the omega, smack bang in the middle of section C, me and my father were following the action. The Brit on Pole on his Monster Energy Yamaha. And of course, following what my father kept saying about him, he crashed out in the first lap of the race, on the entry to the omega. Everyone saw it. Everyone looked on.

5 seconds later, nobody cared about him anymore. “Well he crashed out again, now to watch this rookie who keeps winning, Marc Márquez.” That’s probably what most thought. But Crutchlow stood up and rode on. And boy did he ride. Not only did Cal catch up to the back of the pack, but almost managed to get back into the points after being way off.

This feat of endurance and determination really got to me. And when I found out he wears his heart on his sleeve and has a loose tongue, the dream was perfect. I loved his style, I loved his demeanour, and he was the first rider I ever bought any merchandise for.

After Crutchlow retired from a full-time seat, I looked for another favourite. In terms of demeanour, Jack Miller seemed to be the next best thing. But there was something missing.

Jack KTMiller

I just never could really identify with Ducati. KTM however. Boy when they joined the MotoGP grid was I excited. Not only were they from my home-country, but they also had one of my favourite colour schemes. I really like the orange-black mix. It’s my 2nd favourite just after green-and-black. Good mix.

Currently I am rooting for Brad Binder. Partly because he rides with KTM and partly because I like underdogs. And well, amongst the flood of Spaniards and Italians seeing a South African in the mix is a lovely change of pace.

So this recent rumour linking Jack Miller with the Austrian marque would be the perfect marriage of circumstances for me. I would buy all the merchandise I can. There is only one problem.

Jack Has-No-Merchandise?

Currently, when looking on the official Jack Miller website, there is no store.

Currently, when looking at the official MotoGP store, it’s down for maintenance.

Currently, when looking at 3rd party online storefronts you can buy loads of stuff. For Valentino Rossi, Fabio Quartararo and Marc Marquez.

KTM has a tendency to sell all their stuff through themselves. For example, through the Red Bull online shop. Or weirdly enough, official KTM dealerships. And what rider apparel do they currently offer?

1 Miguel Oliveira Shirt & Cap
1 Brad Binder Shirt & Cap

That is all? Where are the mugs? Where are the stickers? Where are the keychains? The lighters? The phone cases? The ball-point pens? And most importantly: Where are the mugs?

Am I the only one who wants to have such stuff?

Now there is another possibility. Just go to your local MotoGP race and look through the merchandise stands there. So, buy a $200 ticket to get admission to merchandise you want to buy. They usually have more stuff there than is available online. Much more. Vastly more. But apart from Valentino Rossi, Fabio Quartararo and Marc Márquez you might be having troubles finding merch. At the French GP you may be able to get Johan Zarco stuff easier. At the Austrian GP you are going to have an easier time finding KTM. But you cannot get everything everywhere.

Adam Ismail from Jalopnik even wrote about this!

The merchandise problem in MotoGP is heavy. I hope it can be mended because I love these useless fan-items. Even though they are truly useless.

What do you think? Could Jack KTMiller be a dream marriage? Let me know in the comments down below.

PS, Have you wondered what Suzuki’s MotoGP exit could mean for the teams?

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