Evbuobanosa Motorsport Raceway Modding | Day 3

I’ve decided the best course of action to continue modding with this is to start completely anew. That’s what I get for jumping into something without knowing everything important about it. The reason is simple:

I’ve found out how the transition between road and grass is done. And the best process of working this is by integrating it from the beginning. In order to not have a hard seam between road and other surfaces I need to implement a textured strip of surface at the edge of the road. Some of you might say: “But you can do that!”.

Well I did as you can see in the following screenshot.

Evbuobanosa Motorsport Raceway Modding Day 3 - Seams

Here’s the problem with that though: every surface needs to be UV unwrapped on its own like this. If I first had already planned with this, then I could’ve UV unwrapped the original strip. The array function would then automatically array the textured surfaces.

I could continue working with my current scene, however, I already learned so much by trying out stuff. Most importantly I learned the importance of planning something out beforehand. And that is why I decided to take a more thought-out approach to the next try instead of trying to salvage this.

Next Course of Modding Action

I’ve seen some troubles with why people don’t really make African circuits. It’s tough getting the correct flora. That’s why I’ve decided my next try will be a European track. I will, however, keep Evbuobanosa Motorsport Raceway close to my heart and hope to return one day.

Modding this track gave me a good look over track modding. I enjoyed these few days. And I enjoy the fact there is so much to learn about this. The aspects of both learning Blender as well as ksEditor at the same time however, might be a bit too much at once. So for the next track I’m going to focus on getting to grips with Blender, which keeping in mind that the advanced texturing methods can’t be exported to Assetto Corsa.

So keep a lookout for more modding posts here.

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