Live Stream

Watch the live stream here. Enjoy your popcorn, nachos or just a nice cool drink. You are in for some action!

Enjoy your time watching excellent racing featuring some grade-a sim racers and VTubers. But get ready for some crashes, close calls and fickle situations.

The live stream will feature loads of awesome action:

VTuber Challenge

We gathered some sim racing vtubers to compete against each other. Who will win? Who will crash? Who will survive?

Who will reap the reward and the eternal bragging rights? Find out as our sim-racing Virtual YouTubers battle it out on the racetrack! GT3 Cup

Watch and perceive semi-professional sim racers race to their limits and the limits of their cars. This championship is open to everyone and if you like what you are seeing, even you can join us in racing and end up on the live stream!

These sprint races will challenge every driver’s ability to stay on the edge for a while. Virtual 4 Hours

While sprint races are handled in other championships, this is the endurance cup. 4 hours of racing with two-driver teams driver-swapping. Can everybody survive 4 hours against a stacked grid of rapid racers? Find out in the live stream!

Watch these virtual athletes drive their virtual personas and cars to the absolute maximum. Being on the edge for a short time is fine, but a lot can happen in 4 hours.

Where to Follow

Why not join our discord? There you can chat with the team and get the latest news on all things tracc:

We also have our own Sim Grid community where you can race against other racers:

And if you want to get updates on Twitter, we got you covered as well:

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