IVGTC S3: Round 5 | Nürburgring Preview

After a tumultuous round at Brands Hatch, IVGTC is back racing! The Nürburgring is our destination. Located in the midst of the Eiffel mountains in Germany, a beautiful scenic experience awaits our championship contenders.

VTuber Standings

After a resounding performance at Brands Hatch with 2 overall wins, Syko Kyza is aiming to continue their top form in Germany, cementing why they are the #1 championship contender in VT class.

Vtuber MerkurVR seems all but fixated on that 2nd step on the podium. However, they showed great pace last time at Brands Hatch, continuing on this trend could make MerkurVR dangerous for some battles in front.

The fight for P3 in the championship is heating up in the meanwhile, with Jordan Brunch, Shikay Hawken and Victor Masato all vying for the esteemed 3rd podium position.

Sim Racer Standings

The battle for the sim-class is not even close to finished, with close competitors Chris Blue and Thom Hartog continuing to put out consistent results. Both BMW drivers might be separated by 28 points, but just one bad race for either, and that will increase quite heavily.

Will Naughty Dragon05, masterful winner of 4 races, make their comeback on Nürbs and further dominated the series with their immaculate pace?

And what about the newcomers who showed such great racing prowess in Brands Hatch? Le Caselas and Mihail Velikov will be looking to close the gap to the frontgoing drivers.

Get ready for action on the racetrack!

You can watch the whole action here!

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