IVGTC S3: Round 4 | Brands Hatch Summary

With a no-show of the previous 2 rounds dominator, a gaping hole opened, leaving space for a new face of the overall win. And boy, did one vtuber not disappoint. 2 dominant races saw Syko Kyza jump to the top of the championship standings in VT-class, while Chris Blue managed to regain their championship lead in Sim-class in absence of Dragon05. Read more about it in this Brands Hatch Summary!


For the vtubers, the qualifying session was a tale of two worlds. 3 of them managed to snatch the top 3 positions overall in the mixed starting grid. Syko Kyza first managed to show their strength on Brands Hatch here, as they qualified 8 tenths of a second ahead of their nearest competitor, Char Mandurr. MerkurVR managed a resumption to form, snatching P3 in qualifying.

After these 3, a great wall of sim racers stood before the next vtubers. Out of the Sim-class racers, a newcomer to the series Le Caselas showed the best pace, achieving the final 1:24 time of the qualifying. Closely following the Swiss’s advances was Thom Hartog, however, who qualified overall P5. Fabiano Russo was the last sim racer qualifying on the virtual Sim-podium.

Race 1 Summary

Race 1 started with a bang for the vtuber championship. Turn 1 saw a side-by-side Syko Kyza and Char Mandurr touch, sending Char Mandurr wide into the gravel trap. After that it was smooth sailings for the Malaysian Kyza, gaining a significant lead every lap over the warring other drivers.

And while Char Mandurr was on the gain, fighting their way back through the grid, the first lap already saw an otherwise quick MerkurVR fall through the ranks of sim racers. Luckily for the German vtuber, no other VT-class racer managed to fight through the ranks of sim racers efficiently enough, allowing MerkurVR to stay in VT-P3.

Sim racers, however, saw a man with a mission. Chris Blue, seeing the chance to get back into the sim racer lead with the absence of Dragon05. Fighting their way through the grid, the American managed to salvage overall P2 from a P9 starting position.

Le Caselas, meanwhile, managed to hold their starting position in overall P4. Due to the resurgence of Chris Blue, however, Le Caselas only finished with 20 points in their pocket. Mihail Velikov, another newcomer to the championship, managed to get enough drive to finish on the sim racer’s podium.

Race 2 Summary

Race 2 started with Syko Kyza and Char Mandurr giving each other space in abundance through Paddock Hill Bend. The raw pace of Syko Kyza, however, meant that they were untouchable through this race again, finishing 20 seconds ahead of a reinvigorated MerkurVR. Char Mandurr finished in VT-class and overall P3.

In Sim-class, pole-setter Le Caselas showed some troubles, not getting up to pace the entire race and falling to P12 overall. In their stead, Sebastiaan Fack, yet another newcomer to the series, managed to snatch the top step of the podium, after fighting their way through the ranks.

Only 3 seconds behind, Chris Blue finished this race in 2nd, yet again making up many places with their consistent pace. Mihail Velikov secured themselves the 2nd podium in 2 races this time around.

VT Standings

Sim Standings

This has been the Brands Hatch Summary. Next week we go to Nürburgring. If you want to know more about this championship, check here! You can sign up for the remaining races here!

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