IVGTC S3: Round 4 | Brands Hatch Preview

Round 4 of IVGTC Season 3 is on its way. Who will take the win on the classic British circuit? And will Dragon05 be able to defend their immense show?

The VTuber Class

Char Mandurr is still in the lead with 123 points. Syko Kyza, however, is close on their tail. Only 5 points separate the two VTubers. The fight for P1 in the championship is on!

MerkurVR is looking to cement their spot on the podium with currently 69 points.

Unfortunately it looks like, due to commitments in a 24 hour race, several Koneko Racing members will not be able to attend the race. Akito Azusagawa and Victor Masato, two drivers in the fight for P3, are participating in a 24 hours of Le Mans event.

For Jordan Brunch and Shikay Hawken, however, they will have the opportunity to make up points and achieve top 5 positions if they keep up the pace and keep it between the white lines.

Here are the current standings for the VTuber class:

1Char Mandurr123 points
2Syko Kyza118
3VTuber MerkurVR69
4Victor Masato60
5Jordan Brunch54
6Akito Azusagawa50
7Shikay Hawken48
8Justus Kuro36
9Aaron Voegele35
10iMentrix VT32
11Panik Fungus27
12Kagerou Kanemoto24
13Poofie Pillow20
14Riuma Tateyama16
15Alex Benson12
16Trazione Integrale9
17Reska Kyozo2
18WhimZ Yoru0
19ErisNoRNG _0

The Sim Racer Class

Naughty Dragon05 is looking to expand their lead and domination. With the last 4 overall race wins under their belt, will Dragon05 be able to dominate the field again at the Kent circuit?

Chris Blue is hot on Dragon05’s heels, however, as he is only 10 points behind in class P2. Close on his heels are Thom Hartog and Thomas Wilson. Rounding out the top 5 is Anatoly Buinevich.

Here are the current standings for the Sim Racer class:

1Naughty Dragon05100 points
2Chris Blue90
3Thom Hartog79
4Thomas Wilson68
5Anatoly Buinevich58
6Abda Adzkiya53
7Sanil Naik40
8Youri Nicolai40
9Gary Slater33
10Christoph Retsch19
11Vitor Santos17
12Adrian Dabrowka16
13Ben Kelson0
14Danny Quarton0

Look forward to the action on Brands Hatch! Who will manifest the win?

Watch here!

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