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Motorsport Fuel Calculator

Calculate what amount of fuel you need! As simple as adding a few numbers in the fields below!
Suggestion: Always use Safe Fuel Required!

tracc.eu Fuel Calculator

The tracc.eu Fuel Calculator helps sim racers and real racers alike. Calculate the amount of fuel you need to complete a motorsport race. You just need to know the fuel per lap and the length of the race!

This fuel calculator can help you calculate the needed fuel for two kinds of races: time-based races and lap-based races. To calculate the fuel needed for an entire race, first select whether the race has a time duration or lap duration. Next, enter the required fields.

Fuel Calculator Fields for Timed Races

If your race is timed, you need to enter the lap time you are doing. This should be the average time you are planning to do on race pace. Please make sure you follow the correct formatting structure here. The first 2 digits of the input for Lap Time are minutes. So if your lap time is between 1 and 2 minutes, enter “01”. Next, you need to enter a colon or double point. The next 2 digits are seconds of the lap time. Optionally, you can enter up to 3 digits in the decimal places. You can input either a decimal point or a decimal comma for this.

You also need to enter the duration of the race in minutes and the fuel per lap into the fuel calculator. While the fuel per lap can be entered both in litres or gallons, there is no need to switch between input modes because the calculation is the same. Though, the only thing the calculator cannot do here is use one unit as input and output the other unit.

The output of the calculation will be shown in “Minimum Fuel Required” and “Safe Fuel Required”. The “Minimum Fuel Required” shows what fuel you should take if you definitely don’t need any more than during the race period. Mathematically, however, this fuel will only be enough if the race has a standing start. Then, the fuel will only be enough until you cross the finish line, provided your entries are 100% correct.

Therefore, I would always recommend using the “Safe Fuel Required”. This is calculated with 2 extra laps. So it should definitely be enough, even if you do an out-lap, full formation lap and in-lap.

Fuel Calculator Fields for Lap Races

Likewise, races ending after a number of laps need inputs. These are a bit simpler, though. So, you just need to enter the number of laps and the fuel needed per lap.

Again, you can enter the fuel per lap required in either litres or gallons. The calculation is the same for both. You just need to be aware of which unit you enter, because the output unit will be the same.

As with times races, I would recommend using the “Safe Fuel Required”. Since that mode includes a bit of a safety net.

Tips for accurate calculation

The result of the calculation very much depends on your input accuracy. In order to not under-fuel, here are a few tips you can pursue with your inputs:

Test your race pace ahead of time!
If you don’t do this, your only reference will be qualifying time. This might, depending on your application, result in under- or over-fuelling.

Get accurate fuel per lap averages!
Doing more practice laps in race pace will help you get a more accurate fuel per lap average to input in the fuel calculator. Also, only take race pace laps into account. This is especially important if you use different setups for qualifying and racing. As different settings for aerodynamics, tyre stances or electronics like traction control might affect how much fuel you are using in different scenarios.

If in doubt, safer inputs!
Adding a bit of fuel per lap needed on top of what data you are given can help safely making it across the finish line. As said before, I recommend using the “Safe Fuel Required”, helping you to be on the safe side. Although, this may cost you a bit of lap time due to over-fuelling the car. However, spending an extra tenth per lap is definitely favourable to spending time in the pits for a splash-and-dash. For example, if you are using 2 litres per lap, you could enter 2.2 litres to be on the safe side.

Any Questions left?

If you have any questions, feel free to join our discord server, where there will be some friendly faces assisting you!

Also, if you are looking for a sim racing championship to participate in, feel free to check out our championships page or look at our Sim Grid page!

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