Championships has been hosting different sim racing championships over the years. With our professional hosting partners The Sim Grid, and CircuitCore we are not only offering a steady uptime of our servers but also different goodies to all our drivers.

Some services we offer as part of our sim racing championships are:

  • Live Broadcasting
  • Post-Race Stewarding
    • A regularly updated rulebook
  • 24/7 practice server for upcoming championship races

Please keep in mind that these services may or may not be applicable to any given championship is hosting.

Current and Past Championships

Screenshot by Some Aston Martin Guy
Screenshot by Some Aston Martin Guy
Screenshot by Some Aston Martin Guy
Screenshot by Albert György
Screenshot by Albert György
Screenshot by Albert György's RaceRoom VTuber LeMans, one of our defunct championships
Screenshot by Octavion's RaceRoom TCR Tuesday, the championship it all started with, now one of our defunct championships
Screenshot by Julian Strasser started its journey of hosting sim racing championships in what is now called the “RaceRoom Era”.

Julian Strasser and Pawel Oronowicz founded (originally just TRACC) for a bit of a different approach. Assetto Corsa Competizione was in full swing during early 2021, however the allure of different cars to drive in RaceRoom Racing Experience reeled the two in. They founded TRACC, which stood for “Touring RAcaroom Champions Cup”. During those days, all started out with just one Tuesday TCR championship across several tracks included in the simulator. Quickly, this was expanded into different classes being raced.

While the RaceRoom races offered great and close racing, small attendance was a frequent problem. Even though regulars didn’t mind that fact, some racers joined just to leave after 1 race.

It All Changed with the First VTubers

Towards the end of 2021, Pawel Oronowicz left the community. A few weeks later, several racing VTubers joined the community. Thus, the first VTuber racing championship was born, VTuber LeMans on RaceRoom.

After some successful seasons using different classes within the RaceRoom ecosystem, a big change happened. The majority of racers decided to rather switch to Assetto Corsa Competizione, the Italian-made hardcore GT3 sim racing platform by Kunos Simulazioni. Consequently, this marked the end of the RaceRoom Era.

What followed was the “ACC Era”. To date, most championships on utilise the Assetto Corsa Competizione platform. Furthermore, parallel to the ACC Era, the “VTuber Era” has been a constant mainstay.

Over time, the staff of increased to allow for a variety of content to be produced, mainly the live streams of all Saturday championships. Luckily, due to the amount of VTubers present, many drivers also have proficiency in live streaming. Consequently, we found a few trusted staff members.

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