We are the Touring Raceroom Champions Cup – or TRACC for short. We focus on touring cars of all kinds – from the 1992 DTM cars to the modern WTCR class, but occasionally we will run events in other classes, especially those unique to RaceRoom.

Who are we aimed at?

TRACC is a RaceRoom-based community aimed at sim racers of all skill levels. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to R3E, or if you’ve been racing for years. Perhaps you’re even completely new to sim racing – that is fine, too. All that matters is that you are respectful towards other drivers and community members and race cleanly. Our events are based around the European timezones but people from anywhere in the world are welcome to join.

Where do I start?

Start off by joining our community on Discord server here as well as joining us here on SGPOnce you’re in, we will invite you and from then on, feel free to join any open event you would like. If you are new to RaceRoom or are not sure what type of content you need to buy to race with us, just say hi on Discord and we will help you get started.

What is your race schedule and structure?

We currently run our DTM Championship on Monday, TCR Championship on Tuesday and community daily races on all other days. All events take place in the evening (European timezones).

So what are you waiting for?

Come and join us for some high-octane touring car action!




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