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We at are racers. Let us race with you.

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We Race!

We offer a multitude of different sim racing events you can participate in! From sprint championships to endurance events and even little fun one-off races, we have everything you need!

Screenshot by Some Aston Martin Guy

Open to Everyone!

We are proud to have hosted races for years now, most of which being open for everyone. At, we are very beginner friendly. If you are open to learning, there are many excellent drivers with us who can teach you a thing or two about racing.

One thing we are especially proud of is the VTuber racing league we have been hosting for years. This championship specifically for VTubers is bringing the virtual cars and tracks to the virtual streamers out there. Connect with other racing VTubers at!

Three VTubers racing GT3s in our premier championship, the VTuber Challenge.
Screenshot by Syko Kyza, where the focus is on community!

Our goal is to have a friendly community where you can just have fun while racing. No sweating necessary. No endless hours practicing for the next championship round needed. You can do it if you want to, though! We won’t stop you! However, the most important objective should not be winning, but having fun!

If winning IS your fun, you are more than welcome to join and mingle with some other rapid drivers who regularly participate here. There will be chances for you to test your mettle against great drivers.

Our discord community is the main place to hang out and chat, get news and discuss them and pretty much everything else! If you want to join our races, take a look in our discord and everything else will fall in line!

Screenshot by Albert György

Need something else?

Our community is not only home to racers. We have content creators of all different kinds. Streamers, video editors, image specialists, livery makers and so forth. If it is sim racing related, you will be able to find someone to help you at!

Just join our discord and let’s go!

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